Li Kao may have a slight flaw in his character but the book has none. I recommend it unconditionally and I predict Barry Hughart has quite a. The first time I read Barry Hughart’s Bridge of Birds, I cried. I cried because the ending was that beautiful, because it was that sweet, and. When the children of his village were struck with a mysterious illness, Number Ten Ox found master Li Kao. Together they set out to find the Great Root of Power .

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This is not a character-driven novel but a quest-driven novel. Together, Ox and Li Kao must travel the length and breadth of China to find the Great Root – a ginseng root that was kept by the mythical Princess of Birds, and whose healing properties are all that stand between the children of Ku-Fu and certain death. What is more, these details come back to play a part in the larger story.

A Bridge of Birds : Chapter 1

Oct 03, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: Crabs, hughxrt, melon seeds, chestnuts – each vendor had his special sound, and only a country bumpkin would resort to using his vocal chords. In the process of searching for the cure for the children of Ku-Fu they will also uncover a year old mystery which needs to be solved for there to be any chance of ridding the village of the plague.

Hughart was educated at Phillips Academy Andover. And with those comforting words the abbot tottered back into the monastery for a medical examination and I skipped blithely bridhe into the great land of China to make my fortune. Foodies will snicker over the detailed preparation of Porcupine Paste serve it with a gold instead of silver serving spoon and the diner will DIE!.


Hugjart seems like Master Li has ever increasingly zany schemes to match the danger. Please provide an email address.

That’s not funny; it’s fucking apologia for date rape. Bridge of Birds First edition, hard cover dust jacket. The silk worms drying up and the children no longer able to converse coherently, it is seeking out a wise man to assist that Number Ten comes upon Li Kao—the man with a slight flaw to his character.

There are numerous allusions to actual Chinese cultural practices and events in Bridge of Birdsincluding the following:. This character weakness is somewhat mitigated at the end by the discovery of the true identity of Lotus Cloud.

I think a better buy then getting them individual.

Bridge of Birds – Wikipedia

Without mentioning names, the Taoists could use real emperors and real power structure in a btidge form. What hurt all the more was the comparative rarity of Hughart’s two followups, “The Story of the Stone” and “Eight Skilled Gentlemen,” which were only extant in book-club and small-run softcover editions, respectively. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

There is a lot of flowery descriptive language in the first chapter and I just wasn’t digging it. He’s laughing all the way, and readers who like their fantasy in generous, self-mocking doses may laugh along with him.

Maybe, I thought, this was just his schtick. I may have been reading Bridge of Birds at the wrong moment for me, as I am in a bit of a reading slump right now and finding it difficult to concentrate on the page. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.


Sep 26, Michael rated it it was amazing. In the end, he completes the quest, the Bridge of Birds is formed, and all in heaven is set right again.

Retrieved 14 Oct Most critics praised Bridge of Birds and appreciated its tone, although they agreed that the book started off slowly. I purchased this book only because of the unique name of the trilogy which fascinated me. The general in charge was, he maintains, given the orders by the Emperor of Heaven himself, a story which held no sway with the more earthly Emperor who was ready to execute him. Out of the many wise men, Ox finds Li Kao, a cynical, world-weary curmudgeon with, as he so often tells us, a slight flaw in his character.

Hughatr didn’t sense any great urgency to their obviously urgent quest.

The Bridge of Birds

World Fantasy Award — Bridve. Journey to the Westby Wu Cheng’ena quest story like Bridge of Birdstells a tale of a long pilgrimage from China to India in search of enlightenment. Quotes from Bridge of Birds. His hands shot out, a blade glinted, blood spurted and he calmly dropped the bfidge earring into his pocket, along with the ear that was attached to it.

Remaining lost to most Westerners is the rich history and culture which have brought China to the place it is today.