Lower elevations are generally forested by White Spruce and Subalpine Fir. A pattern apparent in many valleys is intermittent-to-closed forest cover of White. Mean annual. BOREAL CORDILLERA ECOZONE. The mountainous portion of this ecozone includes valleys filled with glacial till and glaciofluvial sediments. Cordillera/ Boreal_Cordillera_Ecozone_(CEC).

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Grande PrairieDawson Creek and Hinton are some of the main settlements. It is the most intensely used and the most populated area of Canada. This page was last edited on 26 Novemberat They form what appear to be layers, from snow-covered peaks and alpine meadows to spectacular tree-covered river valleys. The Great Lakes have been the site of various exotic and largely unwanted species such as the sea lamprey and zebra mussel.

Major land uses in the Boreal Plains include agriculture, forestry, oil and gas exploration, mining, hunting and trapping, outdoor recreation, and tourism. The number of plant species in the Arctic is generally low, about Because of their U-shaped form, the valleys are commonly called Rocky Mountain troughs. Canada’s Ecozones, Canadian Biodiversity project.

More than 70 per cent of the land area is forested.


Boreal cordillera | Geoclass Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The corcillera in a mountainous area can be variable. Beluga and bowhead whales, walrus and seals support subsistence hunting. In the summer period, soils thaw to moderate depths.

Other bird species include the boreal owl, white-throated sparrow, the great blue heronkingfisher and at times the turkey vulture. Twenty-two species of whales occur off Canada’s Atlantic coast, as well as six species of seals.

Boreal cordillera

In much more coridllera areas the vegetation types reflect the dry, warm climatic conditions. Groves of stunted aspen and Balsam Fir occur at timberlines, usually on southern slopes. The Boreal Cordillera ecozone is located in the upper midsection of the Rocky Mountains.

At higher elevations, mountain hemlock forests and, ultimately, treeless alpine communities replace the coastal forests. The animals that live in the ecosystem are the cougar and elk rightbighorn sheep and bear centremountain goat upper left and numerous birds artwork by Claire Tremblay.


The Great Lakes are home to many species. In the lower elevations where soil and climate conditions are less challenging, conifers like white spruce are the dominant trees, with variable amounts of black spruce, lodgepole pine and trembling aspen mixed in depending on site conditions. Winters are long and cold. Throughout the landscape, the depressions are occupied by small lakes and wetlands that form part of the watersheds of the Peace and Athabasca rivers.


In this marine ecozone, the ocean waters are of a rather unusual type.

More than first-quality dinosaur skeletons have been pulled from a kilometre stretch along the Red Deer River since digging began there in the s Corel Professional Photos. Now these are confined to national parks farther north. Many of the plains are coastal lowlands that merge with ocean clrdillera. Soils are formed mainly in the few narrow valley bottoms. The land consists largely of rolling plains along with some hills.

It is broadly U-shaped and extends from northern Saskatchewan east to Newfoundland. Marine waters are used to transport goods to northern settlements, and to ship ore, oil and other goods to more southern markets. Overall, this ecozone is a flat coastal plain. The Atlantic Ocean has a borfal influence on the climate, which is cool and moist.

At one time, this ecozone was heavily forested.