BRTOOLS – guide to RESTORE. Hi all,. we have an PRD Backup with BRTolls, and a SAP DEV working, how can we restore this backup to DEV System with. Explore SAP product documentation and Learning Journeys for all businesses/ industries, find answers to your questions, and more!. The combined group of tools is referred to as BRTOOLS. SAP recommends the – Selection from SAP® Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition.

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SAP® Basis Administration Handbook, NetWeaver Edition by Ranjit Mereddy

The field for the object name is filled with your entry. Choose the category and then the class that you require.

You can now enter all required options and execute the function immediately. You use quick mode from: Show database instance information Show database space information Show database object information Choose the category and then the class that you require. Otherwise, the appropriate menus are shown for the function you select.

The alternative to quick mode is main menu modein which you only use the menus in BRSPACE to enter the options required to perform a function. There bbrtools the following exceptions to quick mode: They jump directly to the final input menu to let you enter the remaining required parameters and execute the function immediately.


BRTOOLS (SAP Library – SAP Database Guide: Oracle (BC-DB-ORA-DBA))

You can also enter additional options in quick mode. All other confirmation brtoos and so on are skipped. You can enter manually enter the command. Unless you know the object name, we recommend you to use main menu mode. BRSPACE starts by displaying the function main menu for the function that you entered, which is Alter database parameter in this example.

For more information, see: Show database instance information. If you brhools not enter the class of the information to be displayed, you see a menu displaying the different categories of information class: You can maunal the tool to run brtopls batch mode without any interactive component by entering the option —c force.

For quick mode, you must specify at brtoo,s the function and the object name. If the list is not what you require, you can go back and make a new selection. If the command options are correct and complete, the SAP tool is executed immediately to perform a function on the database. The following graphic illustrates in outline how quick mode works: When you have finished executing a function and you choose back after starting BRSPACE in quick mode, the quick mode is deactivated and you can choose a new object to execute the function again.


The exception to this is for the functions in segment management, where it makes no sense to display all tables or indexes, because the list would be too long.

You enter the command options required directly from the command line: If you do not specify a function, the tool is called with the default function when you start it from the command line: There are the following reasons for this: Exceptions to quick mode There are the following exceptions to quick mode: The object — for example, a tablespace name if you want to extend a tablespace — varies according to the function that you choose.

Be very careful with —c force because it forces default selection of all unspecified options, which might lead to unexpected results.

However, you might get errors if you change the command. Show database space information. With these functions you should also enter an action to specify what kind of alter function you require. Show database object information.