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The Eternal Mercenary has ratings and 86 reviews. Tucker said: I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. For a fifth grade boy, what. A description of tropes appearing in Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. A paperback book series written from to the present day, Casca is a Wandering Jew . Casca. Today’s Cover The Eternal Mercenary created by Barry Sadler, forever fighting until the Second Coming. This website is dedicated to the history.

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I ran across the paperback book “Casca 1: The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, the soldier in the Roman legions who drove the Holy Lance into the side of Jesus Christ on Golgothaand in the novels who is doomed by Jesus to wander the Earth aimlessly, always as a soldier, until the Second Coming. But the yellow man was something else — and fair game.

The doctors surgically removed the shrapnel thr Romain’s brain simultaneously with the unidentified metal mass in Romain’s thigh. This is the story of Casca the Roman legionnaire that stabbed Christ.

As I go now to My Father, you must one day come to Me. The rest of the series focuses on different points in military history all across the world, from ancient times to the present. He is articulate and imaginative.

Certainly not the prose, which is functional at best. He is THE soldier at Christ’s crucifixion who thrusts a spear into the dying Jesus’ side as told in the story from the Bible. Suffice to say I bought it and reread it in a day. After all, a girl needed a protector.

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Not just doing the same tne for hundreds of years. Another, usually the Elder, plays the part of Casca, dressed in Roman uniform, who executes “Jesus” with their holiest relic, the Spear of Longinus. Several women climaxed in their excitement and tried to throw themselves to the arena below. I could not get enough of this series when I was younger. I know we don’t know how people actually sounded in the first few centuries of Rome, but the least an author mercwnary do is try to minimize how much the characters sound like people fro Casca is straight up pulpy shlock.

To the general public he eterbal most known for the hit single “Ballad of the green berets” After his musical career mercdnary decided to write a series of novels centered around the character “Casca Rufio Longinius” Who is cursed for piercing Jesus on the crucifix with a spear and is forced to forever remain a soldier until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The epic tank battle at Kursk is described. Apparently, there are lots.

Part of Casca’s curse is that he’ll always be a acsca, too. Casca meets a young peasant boy named Temujin and trains him in the military arts.

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (Literature) – TV Tropes

There is another story, in the form of an unauthorized audiobook, Casca: Enjoyed it immensely then. He spent most of his adult life serving the Roman empire in the Legions, and there are some scraps of information about his family.

Then that you shall remain until we meet again. I like the premise, but will need to read another one or two to see if the series, for me, is worth pursuing. I will bide with him. The Brotherhood of the Lamb is a fanatical religious sect and sworn enemy of Casca.


The Eternal Mercenary

Goldman later leaves the Army and establishes his own practice. On people of other races: Casca acquired the scar while trying to short-change a local prostitute in the Holy Land. And that’s all you can really ask of adventure fiction.

Over the years many onlookers assume that Casca received the wound while in battle; Casca just chuckles and thinks, “If they only knew.

Casca (series)

Return to Book Page. Jul 13, Jim rated it really liked it.

While some of the writing is far from the best I’ve ever read since first reading this book as a teenager, and I’ll scream if I read, “Until we meet again” one more time, I just love the character and mrcenary adventures Casca has as his lives his damned life the best he can.

He curses you to wander the earth till his return. This time he must smuggle a Chinese family to safety while being pursued by both the Viet Cong and Chinese gangsters. Only made it back into the forests of Germania. I’ll probably try a few more in the series to find out where Sadler is going to take this character.

Good story – easy read.