Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Midnight Pleasures – Kindle edition by Eloisa James. Romance. The daughter of the marquis of Brandenburg, Lady Sophie York is a beguiling and flirtatious innocent. One of the most marriageable young women in Regency . Miss Eloisa James is an enigmatic author for me. Her writing style is distinctly different from what I usually find agreeable. I have a preference.

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He felt very pleased with himself. The book starts off assuming you know about the tension between Patrick and Sophie; they’ve already been caught kissing at a party, he’s already proposed, and she’s rejected him and hastily gotten engaged to another man.

Our heroes are stubborn, obstinate and prejudiced. Within days, his friend Braddon is escorting her to balls and hanging on her arm. England is trying to convince the Sultan not to back Bonaparte. However, although the hero WAS better than Alex, his twin, the book wasn’t as powerful as the first.


Not Another Romance Blog: ‘Midnight Pleasures’ by Eloisa James -Review-

The title pleawures around one incident then falls flat afterwards. I can’t abide adultery, and despite the fact that Sophie hinted that a lot of his “public” dalliances were designed to spark a reaction in his wife, that doesn’t change the fact that he still carried on multiple extramarital affairs. Lists with This Book.

I thoroughly eloosa the hero though, but his brother seemed nice enough so I gave his book a try too. Bagian yg bikin sedih itu pas Sophie miscarried, tp kejadian itu si yg akhirnya bikin mereka sadar untuk ngungkapin semua yg ada di hatinya.


Patrick is stung by the rejection, thinking that Sophia rejected hames because he’s titless. He looked a bit peevish, the Chatwin boy, but then he was the peevish sort anyway.

London, EnglandUnited Kingdom. Alex just sacks the reverend who refuses to bury the baby in consecrated ground, and gets an old school friend to do it.

Last in the series comes unlucky Quill’s story. May 08, Pages Buy.

midnigth I can well believe that women hide their intellectual abilities to attract men. This was the first novel I’ve read by Elo 3. And I’m usually not a fan of the multiple POV narration. N cerita ditutup dgn happy ending pastinya krn pasangan kita ini punya anak kembar cewe. He was lucky that the boys returned safe and sound. Her novels have been published to great acclaim.

This book was the perfect example of the “one conversation between the hero and heroine would have made this a short story” problem. Not as great as the first one, but I’m not complaining. Patrick nama yang mengingatkan gw pada gebetan gw pas kuliah sangat pleaeures Sophie York, teman baik kakak iparnya.

Midnight Pleasures

There’s a story behind Sophie’s mother, Eloise, as well. Braddon fakes a broken leg, covers his leg with plaster and requests his friend Patrick do it for him.

There’s conflict between the main characters, between sub-characters, an outside plot and each is layered and twined within the others. Read the first fifty or so pages and saw the same pleasurrs that annoyed me in book one approaching husband thinks wife is in love with another man, jealously, bitterness and anger ensures and couldn’t do it again.


They all start out really good. European Historical Romance Review Tags: It felt like an unneeded part of the book. Reyanna wrote to point out that in Chapter Eight Patrick strikes a match.

Take it or Leave it It was a fun read and the characters were interesting. The book is from D Sensuality Warm Book Type: Jan 02, annisa belikov casillas rated it it was ok Shelves: Midnight Pleasures starts out with a rather cute plot about a woman who is in love with one man but engaged to another. On their honeymoon, spying on the Welsh coast for the Home Office, they rescued a very young French deserter.

This was almost every other sentence and very distracting. Nice long read with a smart heroine with weak communication skills. Jan 14, Thenia rated it really liked it Shelves: I wondered as I neared the end of the book if the outside plot which involved one of the main characters was ever going to be resolved only to be literally given a glossing over in less than a two paragraph wrap-up! This was the other book I purchased for my train ride back to Boston, and, like the other oneI was convinced I’d read it before.

I did like that the heroine was polyglot, and there was a fun sub-plot where she tried to teach a stableman’s daughter to be a noblewoman with results far better than any they’d dreamed of.