Her work was a sensation and the installments became a two-volume book entitled, The History of the Standard Oil Company, published in Tarbell. The History of the Standard Oil Company: Briefer Version and Ida Tarbell was the writer whose dramatic revelations eventually lead to effective regulation of. Written by journalist Ida Tarbell in , The History of the Standard Oil Company was an exposé of the Standard Oil Company, run at that time by oil tycoon.

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As such, The History of Standard Oil Company harbors great significance as a standard-bearer of modern investigative journalism. A editorial review from the New York Times relayed the highlights of the volumes to the public, noting the diplomatic tendencies of Tarbell within her work – still widely respectful of the achievements of John D.

In his book Taking on the trust: Her story of the isa, which became a model for militant journalists in the future, managed to place the blame for increasingly commercialized American ideals and practical behavior at Rockefeller’s doorstep. After this initial success, her shift turned to John D.

The History of the Standard Oil Company: Briefer Version

After her education and accumulate writing experience, Tarbell began working at McClure’s Magazine, where she wrote several successful series on historical figures. TarbellDavid M. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. Public outcry erupted at the conclusion of Tarbell’s part exposure of Standard Oil published in McClure’s, eventually resulting in the expedited breakup of Standard Oil in Combining descriptions of his business practices with his personal characteristics and even his physical appearance, Tarbell created an image of a cunning and ruthless person — a picture that not even decades of Rockefeller philanthropy were able to dispel.


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She began by interviewing Henry H. Though Standard Oil Company accrued more cumulative value after it was broken up, the exposure of immoral and illegal business practices at the hands compan Ida Tarbell became a striking symbol of the power of the press. So careful is she in her facts, so sane in her judgements, that she seems to have reached the high-water mark of industrial history.

This edition the “briefer version” of her book; the original was more than pages. But with all his wealth and power, Rockfeller could not protect himself from Tarbell. Eventually, Tarbell uncovered a crucial piece of evidence proving that Standard Oil was rigging railroad prices and preying compan its competition.

The History of the Standard Oil Company

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her story, serialized by McClure’s in andtells the history of John D. The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. The first major industrial monopoly in the U.


RockefellerSteve Weinberg described The History of the Standard Oil Company as “arguably the greatest work of investigative journalism ever written”. Retrieved April 15, Rockefellerthe richest figure in American history.

Catalog Record: The history of the Standard Oil Company | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Originally serialized in nineteen parts in McClure’s magazine, the book is a seminal example of muckrakingand inspired many other journalists to write about trustslarge businesses that in the absence of strong antitrust laws in the 19th century attempted to gain monopolies in various industries. Product Description Product Details Muckrakers — a term coined in by President Theodore Roosevelt — referred to American journalists, twrbell and critics who, in the early 20th century, attempted to expose corruption in politics and the abuses of big business.

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The subsequent decision splintered the company into 34 “baby Standards. Her father, Franklin Tarbell, worked for Standard Oil and lived through what Ida called “hate, suspicion, and fear that engulfed the community. Companj but critical of Standard Oil’s unfair and business strategies of questionable legality. A Book of Quotations.