Incada Silk is designed for quality packaging and graphical applications which require outstanding visual impact. A fully coated folding board, Incada Silk is. Incada Silk is a medium gloss 1 sided folding boxboard with a matt reverse that is suitable for Dry Toner printing. It FSC certified and FDA approved too. Carton board – GC1 white back folding boxboard; The European leader in folding boxboard (FBB); Fully coated white back FBB finished to a matt level; Ideal for.

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Invercote can be glued with both emulsion water-based and hot melt adhesives. Further improvement has also been made to the lightfastness, which was already the best on the market, and which is crucial for a package to keep looking fresh over time on the retail shelf.

It is efficient in packaging applications, perfect for lightweighting, has an excellent print surface and is known for good runnability”, says Incadaa Rothe, responsible for Antalis paperboard sales in Germany. Recently the company announced it is initiating distribution on the American west coast, and it is also launching new distributor partnerships in several European countries.

Fibres are selected based on shape and length and treated in different ways to tailor the paperboard construction to the intended use. Our goal is to get more designers to realise that the right choice of material can be the difference between success and failure.

Invercote can be printed in incadq, gravure, flexo, screen, and selected digital printing processes. Invercote upgrade – an adaptation to market demands Iggesund Icada announces an upgrade to its flagship product, Invercote.

These improvements also help to keep both costs and fossil carbon emissions down. Contact Iggesund Paperboard AB now!

Invercote is manufactured from fibre of known and traceable origin and sulk at a site where pulp production is integrated with the paperboard mill. Invercote in use The fully coated printing surfaces of the Invercote family are designed to meet the highest demands of image reproduction in printing and surface treatment methods such jncada hot-foil, foil- and film application.

The students could choose between tasks to do with topics such as packaging construction, infographics and sustainability issues. When performing repro for delicate work or if a major part of your production is running on Incada, you may benefit from creating your own dedicated ICC profiles for Incada in your selected siilk environment.

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He or she then wants to work with models who have a good reputation.

Creasing and embossing can be performed efficiently and with good results. Inks on the market that are designed for use on fully coated surfaces can be used sklk the full range of Incada products.

It is also strategically positioned close to the Kiel Canal, which allows for many new possibilities in the future. The fibre composition varies for each layer in the construction. We also provide a broad range of service, support and advice. The benefit of this multi-layered SBB compared to competing single- and dual layer products is the unique possibility of optimiing the surface fibre layers to form an excellent base for coating.

Holmen also participates in inada Carbon Disclosure Project and is one of the nearly global companies regarded as being leaders in combating climate change. Treatment of fibres for the middle layers in the construction are also targeted to optimise productivity in carton manufacturing, erecting and filling processes.

Iggesund Paperboard has become known for its aggressive strategy to reduce its fossil carbon emissions, which has made it a leader in the battle against climate change. Invercote is a multilayered Solid Bleached Board SBBmade from chemical pulp produced by the sulphate pulping method.

Invercote can be sheet laminated over the print with cellulose acetate or oriented polypropylene OPP for a high gloss appearance. Adjustments in the prepress operation and the choice of ICC profiles can be done in the same way as for a medium- to fully coated fine paper. At the same time as the entire graphical incara process has been simplified and streamlined, the designer has also ended up being sik away from the material, and knowledge of the materials has been eroded.

Incada can be printed using offset-litho, gravure, flexo, screen and selected digital printing processes. This combined with the inherent stability of our chosen si,k process ensures a repeatable and predictable performance of the product for converting and use.

Iggesund develops its European service Iggesund develops its European service Iggesund Paperboard is taking major steps to further develop its delivery service.

Zoek producten | Igepa

Deliveries will start July 1st. Visit our website www.

Iggesund develops its European service Iggesund Paperboard is taking major steps to further develop its delivery service. Incada products are widely used for book covers, greeting cards, packaging of food, cosmetics, chocolate, pharmaceuticals and tobacco products. Veronica Heaven, managing director at The Heaven Company developed Brief Cases, a model for cooperation between academia and industry. They are both made of virgin fibre and are constructed in multiple layers, unlike traditional paper.

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Incada Silk

The incadz composition is adjusted in two different general directions for the product family to satisfy printability requirements, primarily of offset-litho and gravure printing. It invada one of the strongest paperboard brands in the European market and has a world-class environmental track record. Iggesund manufactures its folding box board Incada at its mill in Workington, Cumbria.

Coating the reverse side means that the whiteness on the reverse has also been adjusted up. Iggesund Paperboard announces an upgrade to its flagship product, Invercote.

All fibres are virgin fibres. Invercote and Incada, the quality paperboards from Iggesund Paperboard, have gained added distribution in the UK via a distribution agreement with the merchants Antalis and Elliott Baxter. The outer layers of sulphate pulp with its application of a double coating provide the foundation for a smooth surface which is finished by machine glazing to meet the high demands of printing and foiling.

Please visit our website www. Inks on the market intended for use on fully coated surfaces can be used on the full range of Invercote products with the exception of Invercote Albato, where considerations need to be taken to adjust to the glossy and somewhat closed surface of the product when applying absorption-drying ink types.

The product family is manufactured at the integrated mill in Workington, United Kingdom. Privacy options By clicking here, I agree that ENP Publishing may collect and use my personal data which I have provided in this form, for serving me si,k requested services and the marketing material that I have agreed to receive, in accordance with their data protection policy. Fibres for the different layers are treated in different ways to tailor the paperboard construction to the intended use.

The Incada family consists of products customised for different end-user applications. Language English My Easyfairs.

If I do not accept these termsI understand that access to my services might be restricted. Over the years it has come to be the quality leader, primarily due to the combination of excellent printing and foil laminating properties together with high quality and an equally high quality consistency.