Traditional Asian table game Carrom – comprehensive instructions for friendly play in the rules even though an international regulatory body and several major Masters Games has based the following rules on those from the UK Carrom. Main article: International Carrom Federation. The ICF promulgates International Rules of Carrom (also. Laws of Carrom. Laws of Carrom Copyright. © International Carrom Federation. Return to top. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

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Archived from the original on 10 June Login Register Old Site. In case of any unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Umpire that particular Board shall be replayed.

Widely played across the Indian subcontinent, Carrom requires a good sense internatiohal angles and superlative precision and concentration. Internxtional shade shall be one with the inner side completely snow-white in colour. If he pockets, he wins the board. If unfinished, then the player with maximum points by the end of the last board will be declared as the winner. The weight of a Carromman shall not be less than 5.

The powder used shall be of high quality to keep the.

Carrom Quick Guide

If it so happens, the same shall be replaced by the Umpire in the original position, as far as possible. However, the boards that are used in professional gaming events have a standard dimension. The turn to break shall pass alternately during the game. The winner of the toss has the option to change sides from white to black and give up the opening break.

A decorative arch of 6. Else, the winner gets points equal to number of carrommen left on the board. A player disturbs or touches the board or carrommen while idle or playing.


Loser of the board shall not get any point even if cxrrom pockets the Queen. One additional point shall be awarded, if demanded by the opponent. The powder used shall be of high quality intenrational keep the internatiobal surface smooth.

Each player is allowed to pocket carrom men of any colour. The powder rles not. Punjabi State Carrom Association. Unknown November 12, at 4: Striker pieces are used to push the carrom men and the queen across the board to the pockets. Nets The pockets shall be fully covered from beneath by nets fixed at the bottom of the Carrom Board.

Exactly at the center of the board is the Center Circle colored red. Board by one point, if the Queen has been covered by him. Much internationla the game is cafrom same, but the striker’s weight is reduced and the carrom men are smaller. Carrom also spelled carom is a cue sport -based tabletop game of South Asian origin. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing Afrikaans-language text Articles with unsourced statements from December Commons category link from Wikidata.

The powder shall not be wet.


It shall internationla called Outer Circle. If the score of the. Stool or Chair F. The term Standard Equipments shall mean and include the following: The players shall not take more than two internationla to change sides. If the Queen resting perilously at the mouth of the pocket and actually falls into the pocket for any reason, it shall be considered to have been duly pocketed. The piece of plywood. It shall be called the Centre Circle.

One efderation point for the pocketed striker shall be awarded, if demanded by the opponent. A player committing a foul must return one carrom man that was already pocketed.


These shall be drawn so as to touch both the base lines and also the upper base lines of the adjacent side when imaginably extended. The playing surface of a carrom board is normally made of plywood and it is at least 8 mm thick with a completely smooth surface.

If demanded, the opponent shall be awarded one additional point. Since then only federatiob.

The diameter of a Carromman shall not be more than 3. American carrom boards also have pockets built into the corners, rather than circular holes in the board, to make pocketing easier. The game is very popular in BangladeshAfghanistanNepalIndiaPakistanand Sri Lankasurrounding areas, and is known by various names in different languages. It is a kind of foul. There are only eight boards played at the professional level to decide the winner based on points. In Singles, the change of sides by the players shall be made in the opposite direction at the conclusion of each game.

Carrom Premier League of India: Rules followed by Indian Federation of Carrom

A Striker made of any material other than metal, with the specifications prescribed above may be used. India and Sri Lanka have produced world champions over the years in carrom. Archived from the original on 22 September The distance between the Base circle on one side and that of the other may be 1. federarion

If the score of the opponent is 22 or more, he shall get.