JIS D0203 S2 PDF

JIS D Spray and Jet Proof Test Machine. The IP waterproof test machine is designed according to the IP code no. R1, R2, S1, and S2 of JIS D standard . JIS-D(en)-Method of Moisture,Rain and Spray Test for Automobile Parts S2 The test to investigate the function of the parts subjected to heavy water. Jis D Water Spray Test Equipment/raining Test Chamber, Find Complete Details about Jis D Water Spray Test SL/min,SL/min;.

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In case where it is necessary, test may be repeated a number of times as agreed upon by the purchaser and supplier, based on the cycle of the test time specified in Table 2. The inner test room of the JIS D rain test chamber and the turntable are all made of SUS stainless steel plate to ensure that they will not rust for a long time.

This entry was posted on February 9, by danny. For example, a radio that is resistant to a light rain will not necessarily hold up when submerged in a pool of water. Power supply of specimen.

Check the performance of parts under direct exposure to rain or splash. Sign up for our newsletter today! Be the First to Know. Special high-volume floor drain system to rapidly drain water out of the chamber. Scope This Japanese Industrial Standard specifies the methods of mois- ture resistance test and waterproof tests for automobile parts hereafter referred to as “parts”with the exception of the following tests: Interior chamber size is the smallest possible area using the Jiz specified nozzles.

The IP waterproof test machine is designed according to the IP code no.

Check out our discounts and promotions! The S1, S2, R1, R2 test are the right test methods for automotive components raining test. With regard to the rain test and spray test, the samples shall be mounted at a distance of approximately mm from the flow pipe having rain nozzle or spray nozzle as shown in the following Fig.


The IP and JIS Specification for Water/Dust Resistance

There are two specifications for which we commonly see radios rated: In the case of ones having air vents or drain holes in its structure, tests may be carried jks with holes closed, if necessary.

This entry was posted in General on February 9, by danny. The test to investigate the function of the parts subjected to droplets. The water is fed to a motorized manifold that rotates the spray arms.

The pressure of the spray pipe and sprinkler pipe can be adjusted separately when the sprinkler test and sprinkler test work simultaneously. Contact Now Chat Now.

D2 — Approx, 30 10 min Submerge a sample into water to a depth of mm from its upper surface. S2 Spray room temperature water with 40 nozzles at Please send me detail product specification, thank you!

The shell of the equipment is made by high quality steel plate, and. Leave a comment Please wait Pego Tester Place of Origin: I’m interested in your product,if you could send me more data I appreiciate this. One possible choice is to integrate the spray system with a regular temperature and humidity chamber to save money and floor space, while also creating an d00203 to simulate actual operating conditions your product may experience.

I would like to purchase this item. The flow rate of the water shall be Flow rate, pressure through the pressure gauge of the panel and the flow rate are visually displayed, ss2 the pressure rate can be adjusted manually.

Thank you for your enquiry and you will be contacted soon.


JIS D Rain Test Chamber | Rain Test Chamber Supplier

We should be obliged if you would forward fuller details of the range together with your current price-list quoting terms for overseas delivery and terms of cooperation. An IP rating has two digits, “IP54” for example. Please quote me your price and order payment terms and delivery time. Compare 0 You have no items to compare. R2 Spray room temperature water with two nozzles at 1. M1, M2 test is for the test environment with temperature and steam.

The IP and JIS Specification for Water/Dust Resistance – Buy Two Way Radios

Speed and rate controlled rotating rain and spray nozzles. The JIS D Rain test chamber is mainly used for wet and water resistance test of automobile parts. Each spray arm has an adjustable valve to allow finer control of the spray.

Full text of ” JIS D Leakage protection, water shortage protection, short circuit protection. The test to investigate the function of the parts subjected to indirect wind and rain or spray. The shell of the JIS D rain test chamber is made of domestic high-quality steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with baking paint, beautiful and durable. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Stationary product shelf — A rotating shelf is optional: Test sample power socket is provided in the test room, and the power cut time d020 be controlled by the program, for example, power on test for 10 e0203 and power off test for 10 minutes.

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