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Examples of the polymerizable unsaturated dicarboxylic acid or the anhydride thereof are maleic acid or the anhydride thereof, itaconic acid or the anhydride thereof, citraconic acid or the anhydride thereof, and so on.

The electrically conductive fillers usually used are particles of electrically conductive carbon, metal, electrically conductive metal oxides and the like.

R Ref document number: Therefore, in case of the powder of aluminum nitride containing yttria, the sintered bodies did not show a change in relative density regardless whether the powder was prepared by direct nitriding method or reduction nitriding method. The aluminum nitride sintered body and its production method of the present invention can be satisfactorily applicable to heating elements, such as, ceramic heaters, susceptors and the like, particularly heating members for arranging in semiconductor producing apparatuses, such as, ceramic heaters, ceramic susceptors, ceramic electrostatic chucks, ceramic susceptors accommodating high frequency metal electrodes and the like.

As the raw material, the powder of a high purity aluminum nitride prepared by the above described reduction nitriding method not containing yttria was used, and the raw material powder was monoaxially pressed to form preliminarily shaped bodies, which were then hot press fired in a nitrogen atmosphere. Corrosion-resistant member for chemical apparatus using halogen series corrosive gas. Examples of the polymerizable vinyl monomers other than polymerizable epoxy-containing monomers are meth acrylic acid alkyl ester, acrylonitrile, styrene, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and the like.

Particularly, in semiconductor production processes, it has no afraid of affecting a serious adverse influence on semiconductor wafers and the production apparatuses theirselves. The coating film had slightly poor adhesion, with 90 to 99 crosscut squares remaining.

USB2 – Method for forming coating film on plastic substrate – Google Patents

These crosslinking agents are preferably used in an amount of 0 to about 50 parts by weight, particularly about 5 to about 40 parts by weight, per parts by weight of the total solids of the resin component containing chlorinated polyolefin. The aluminum nitride sintered body has preferably a relative density of at least The sintered body had an average particle diameter of 3. The chlorinated polyolefin generally has a weight-average molecular weight of about 30, to about , and preferably about 50, to aboutAs the raw material powder, a powder of a high purity aluminum nitride not containing yttria prepared by the above described reduction nitriding method, was used.


Particularly, in a dense aluminum nitride sintered body of a relative density of at least In combination with the chlorinated polyolefin, one or more modifier resins can be used to adjust the flexibility or rigidity of the coating film or to achieve better film-forming properties.

Kind code of ref document: Table 6 shows the results of the performance tests of the multilayer coating films. Based on these novel findings, the present inventors carried out further research and accomplished the present invention.

A dense-appearing coating film with metallic transparency can be formed by using a metallic pigment as at least part of the pigment component, and a silky coating film having pearl-like transparency can be formed by using mica pigments.

The polybasic acid is a compound having two or more carboxyl groups per molecule or anhydrides thereofand the polyhydric alcohol is a compound having two or more hydroxyl groups per molecule. Lightness was measured as described above.

Suitably used as the aqueous white primer A is one that comprises a chlorinated polyolefin, white pigment and water. Date of ref document: In step 5the three coating film layers of the coating compositions AB and C are simultaneously baked to obtain a cured multilayer coating film having a lightness value N value of about 8.

JP5868777B2 – Friendly short focus projector for the marker board to eye – Google Patents

Double-sided adhesive tape for manufacturing a liquid crystal panel brightness having light reflectivity and absorption properties. Usable as the polybasic acid and polyhydric alcohol are those used in this field. However, the material is not limited to these. Consequently, the coating film can be electrostatically coated in an easy manner with a thermosetting clear colored coating composition B and a thermosetting clear coating composition C.

A method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate which comprises the steps of: Carbon powder or carbon fiber, which has a low jiz gravity, is preferable as the electrically conductive filler in that the conductive effect can be obtained by the use of a small quantity thereof.

JIS Z 8721:1993

As the raw material, a powder of aluminum nitride prepared by the above described direct nitriding method was used. If the average particle diameter of the crystal grains constituting the sintered body is small, the number of crystal grain boundary jsi allows permeation of visible light beams is increased. The coating film had considerable defects such as sagging, after tack, blistering and so on.

As a result, the infrared radiation lamps consumed an electric power of a maximum of W to afford a stable controlling of the wafer temperature. The method for forming a coating film according to claim 1wherein the aqueous white primer A comprises a chlorinated polyolefin, white pigment and water.


The present invention provides a method for forming a coating film on a plastic substrate which comprises: Nis 1 can be accomplished by coating a plastic substrate with the aforementioned aqueous white primer A by a known coating method. However, in the range of the above described firing temperature and pressure, a sintering time of exceeding 5 hrs has a tendency that the crystal grains are excessively developed within the sintered body, so that a holding time at the time 87211 sintering is preferably not more than 5 hrs.

Polyester resins used as the modifier resin are typically obtained by the esterification reaction of a polybasic acid and a polyhydric alcohol. Production Examples 5—8 Production of Aqueous White Primer Following the procedure of Production Examples 4, the components shown in Table 1 were mixed, giving aqueous white primers No. Materials particularly useful as the plastic substrate are, for example, polyolefin obtained by polymerizing at least one kind of olefin having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, such as ethylene, propylene, butylene, hexene and the like.

Table 1 shows the components of a aqueous white primers No. The epoxy resin has two or more epoxy groups per molecule, and is effective for crosslinking chlorinated carboxyl-containing polyolefins, carboxyl-containing acrylic resins, carboxyl-containing polyester resins, carboxyl-containing polyurethane resins, etc. Problems also arise when a spherical conductive filler is used. As a result of measurement by the above described method, the sintered body obtained after the heat treatment had an average particle diameter of 4.

GB Free format text: The obtained multilayer coating film also has excellent adhesion, high water resistance and other favorable properties. Before heating, the coating film may also be optionally set.

Munsell® – PrismXII

The wire was wound spirally in the interior of a disc shaped substrate and connected to electric terminals at the both ends. In these examples, parts and percentages are expressed on a weight basis. In Comparative Example 2, though the shaped body was prepared by cold isostatic press mis, the sintered body had a relative density of In step 3the coating film of the primer A thus adjusted is electrostatically coated with a thermosetting clear colored 87721 composition B.

However, this is considered due to a fact that the raw material powder prepared by the direct nitriding method is difficult to sinter without a sintering additive. Made of aluminum nitride sintered bodies semiconductor manufacturing apparatus related products and a method for manufacturing the same, and an electrostatic chuck, a susceptor, a dummy wafer, a clamping jie and a particle catcher.