John W. Chinneck. Associated member, GERAD. Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University, Canada. John Chinneck. Professor of Linear programming with interval coefficients. JW Chinneck, K J Li, J Chinneck, M Woodside, M Litoiu, G Iszlai. Proceedings of. Operations Research and Cyber-Infrastructure (Operations Research/Computer Science Interfaces Series). John W. Chinneck. from: $

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Part I of the book addresses algorithms for seeking feasibility quickly, including new methods for the difficult cases of nonlinear and mixed-integer programs.

ChinneckShalini S. Over the same time period, related approaches and techniques relating to feasibility and infeasibility of constrained problems have arisen in the constraint programming community.

On the impact of interference models on channel assignment in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks. My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

Active-constraint variable ordering for faster feasibility of mixed integer linear programs. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics 15 3: Journal of the Operational Research Society, All chinndk forms are covered, including linear, nonlinear, and mixed-integer programs. New citations to this author.

AwadJohn W. With up to date coverage and very thorough bibliography, it will be of definite interest to researchers working in this area.


John W. Chinneck (Author of Operations Research and Cyberinfrastructure)

Optimization Methods and Software 17 2: ChinneckVictor C. Part Johb describes applications in numerous areas outside of direct infeasibility analysis such as finding decision trees for data classification, analyzing protein folding, radiation treatment planning, automated test assembly, etc. Linear Programming Robert J. Multi-goal optimization of application deployments across a cloud. On the number of channels required for interference-free wireless mesh networks.

Analyzing infeasible nonlinear programs. Supply Chain Risk George A.

Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization is a timely expository book that summarizes the state of the art in both classical and recent algorithms related to feasibility and infeasibility in optimization, with a focus on practical methods. A QoS-based charging and resource allocation framework for next generation wireless networks.

Real-time multi-cloud management needs application awareness. GoubranGerald M.

Realistic interference-free channel assignment for dynamic wireless mesh networks using beamforming. Ad Hoc Networks ChaudhryRoshdy H. Proctor Assignment at Carleton University. Localizing and Diagnosing Infeasibilities in Networks.

Active-constraint variable ordering for faster feasibility of mixed integer linear programs J Patel, JW Chinneck Mathematical Programming 3, Laurence SmithJohn W.

Feasibility and Infeasibility in Optimization: : Algorithms and Computational Methods

HafezJohn W. Efficient solution of the 3G network planning problem. Fast scalable optimization to configure service systems having cost and quality of service constraints JZ Li, J Chinneck, M Woodside, M Litoiu Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Autonomic computing, Fast heuristics for the frequency channel assignment problem in multi-hop wireless networks.


Cloud Computing 5 2: Improving solver success in reaching feasibility for sets of nonlinear constraints.

Dr. John W. Chinneck

LarijaniJohn W. Formulating processing network models: Jennifer PryorJohn W. Principles of Forecasting J. Researchers have chnnek numerous algorithms and computational methods in recent years to address such issues, with a number of surprising spin-off applications in fields such as artificial intelligence and computational biology. Formulation assistance for global optimization problems.

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From the Guest Editor: The Best Books of Green Transportation Logistics Harilaos N. Connections to related work in constraint programming are shown. ChinneckRafik A.