Welcome! This subreddit is for sharing or discussing magic – close up, parlor, stage, busking, comedy, mentalism, or otherwise. Trance This by Kenton Knepper – Book “Since Wonder Words and other Kentonism material many performers have made names for themselves in part by using. Concerning Wonder Words, NLP and Psychology. “Kenton, I am interested, after reading a good number of your works and others of similar.

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Worss is one of the best things any performer can buy Likewise many other aspects far outside the realm of NLP I did put into Wonder Words because I saw and felt it work for many over decades of practical experience, including my own. This is wondeer Wonder Words will teach you. What about the “tricks?

Ultimately Under by Kenton Knepper – Book Read worrds today, put people into trances in your performances tomorrow Kenton’s new Ultimately Under does for hypnosis what Completely Cold has done for telephone psychics. Spectators just NAME a playing card, and you have the correct card in your wallet! A spectator shuffles and cuts a deck after being shown the faces of the cards.


Jan 13, Please see this thread about joining this private subreddit. Then you will find the woonder secrets to what is going on there in my view. Kenton materials are not for casual performers. No one but you can answer that. Nando New user St. Magically, Mark Success comes before work only in the dictionary.

Obviously, clearly, naturally, actually, virtually, rarely, fortunately, evidently, apparently, seemingly, usually, normally, typically, currently, absolutely, positively, actually, etc. Uncover the knep;er used throughout the series. See a site map.

Kenton Knepper – Wonder Words 3

You know that for Kenton to release an effect on its own, it has to be special. The Real Way of Magic is to touch the soul of our audience, but not to touch the ego of our soul. But we all need to have some FUN sometimes too! Nominalizations help you to take advantage of this.

Sharpie Sense trick Kenton Knepper Two or three participants select playing cards and hide them so no one else can see what they are. Get this material in your head and be ready to go to work as a reader tomorrow.

Infallible by Mark Elsdon [S] – $ : Promotion

So what else is in here? If you didn’t purchase Volume One and somehow missed all the reviews, you may not know what all the excitement is about. Products Description Products Description Hello friend, Your wondrr is a digital download magic product,send via email. In either case, the spectator must decide subconsciously how to make these statements fit their personal experience.


Infallible by Mark Elsdon Model: This is a series on how kneppwr use language to manipulate your audience. Your material has dramatically transformed the way I’m doing my spell weaving these days!

You now point to an “. You will learn concepts such as “indirection”, “multiple realities”, “linguistics”, “s. Exposure is explicitly disallowed, so don’t join if you’re just hoping to learn a secret.

Concerning Wonder Words, NLP and Psychology

The spectator comes to realize that their intuition has been perfect, a. Hypnosis is a place to discuss technique, methodology, and experiences of hypnosis.

How to create patter. Jan 27, The time and effort required to thoroughly understand this information much less apply it to ones performance, I believe, will simply be more than many people will be willing to give.