Buy Guide to the Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension) 1st Edition by Phil Brocato (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. I’m planning on running with the 1st edition book I already have. How compatible is Guide to the Technocracy with that edition? I didn’t like the. (See the novels The Ascension Warrior and The Road to Hell. • Heightened technology has become so complex that it’s sometimes difficult even for Technocrats.

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Keglevich Tecnocracy buzin rated it it was amazing Mar 14, They even endorse this crap. Protag and Irene find that it isn’t holding all of the information the deviants gathered, though–detachable storage systems so, flash drives have the info.

Cosians started experimenting with artificial insemination in an effort to create homunculi–life from intellect, no nature. That went on longer than I thought, but all of that history is behind us thee we can get on to some meatier, more entertaining stuff.

SCP was soon barred from daily walks after this incident.

The difference between science and True Enlightened Science, is that the latter requires an understanding of the former; that you can’t apply the near-mythical effects without knowing that gravity exists. Rathbone’s Skeleton Keys This whole mini-section has nothing much to do with anything in the grand scheme of things, so to summarise: Turing then killed himself to keep the NWO from interrogating him, which is actually really insulting towards the real-life Turing and it kind of pisses me off Alan was a homosexual who was forced into chemical castration due to his sexual preference, and died from cyanide poisoning.


I don’t know, I just really liked Prometheans as a concept and it’s sad it wasn’t that popular, even if I know it was such a difficult game to play out right. Front-Line agents don’t have to worry much about this, so they leave all the ideological crap to the brainheads above them.

Conditioning can be overlooked by Supervisors and Control, and there are trigger words they can implant! The Underground Resistance With all these corrupt supervisors, go, and Reality Deviants, how is a good agent supposed to do his job? Local lords cut out their own small domains in bids of power, while Traditionalists form sactums and cabals throughout Europe, discarding science and reason and sticking to superstition.

List of Mage: The Ascension books – Wikipedia

On that horrible note, we’ll continue later. Uncontrolled portals also allow outside forces, such as Nephandi, access to our world.

This war all around us is being fought over the very meanings of words. Organization They use a single set of ranks across their entire organization and all their Methodologies, making them a bit of an oddity compared to the other Conventions.

If an agent or the whole amalgam is called before the board, Something Went Wrong and you’re probably up to your ass in shit. It doesn’t bring much in the terms of game rules of course, because this is White Wolf and they like to tbe that somewhere near the middle and wrapped up in paragraphs of word salad.

It-X is ttechnocracy as the Union’s strong right arm. The Progenators were busy too, splitting into three Methodologies so that they could infiltrate tecjnocracy plants and pharmaceutical factories.

Guide to the Technocracy

Sure, he might tye able to understand certain hypertech principles so long as he’s Enlightened enough to understand the underpinning, but so can pretty much anyone else. As a side note, this would probably be the best place to introduce Prometheans to oWod. Test sample of what? Their bio-mechanical HIT Marks are effective and disposable shock troopers, and produce portable weaponry that most of the conventions have use for.


Noted Figures Donald Richardson – present almost single-handedly destroyed the consensus of the Collegium of History 50 years ago, around when he became an advocate for “spiritual ancestry” for the NWO. There’s enough 90’s cheese in here to get a good laugh, if nothing else.

There’s another threat too, one vague and dreadful. In other words, drugs!

List of Mage: The Ascension books

I can see my house from here! Indoctrination I actually like this image, even if it’s totally a cover from an Iron Savior album Chapter 1 begins with another first-person narrative, this time from the eyes of a prisoner named Richard Mge. Outside the store, the cops have captured the other culprit, a young woman who mave holding a rather fancy laptop. But we probably will later on, halfway through the book no doubt, because editing was never a top priority in these books.

Iteration X These guys are ALL about technology, and believe that integrating tech into the human body is the best idea ever. The use of vulgar displays cannot be tolerated, either inside or outside the Union.